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Mining Investment Projects

Chacay Projects

Chacay Projects

Chacay Project it located 36 km NE of La Serena, 22 km NE from Lambert metalurtgical plant (CMSG) and 10 km from El Romeral Mine (CMP).

Activities related by the Project:

 - Mine area  ownership  (1.600 Hectares).

- Geological mapping scale 1:5.000.

- Surface geochimestry, old mine labors and outcrops sampling.

- 310 geological mapping control points and over  250 rock sampled (diferents geological units).

- Spectral analysis of 221 surface samples (Spectrum Geosoluciones laboratory).


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31 January 2018


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We are a regional company that administers properties and mining projects in the Fourth Region of Chile.

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