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We create a link between small and medium mining, with Chilean and foreign investors

Experts in Exploration, valorization and Sale of Mining Properties

We are an experienced company and a pioneer in the discovery of mineral deposits in the Fourth Region of Chile. We establish business models and value mining properties, through the division of their geological and mining antecedents.

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We have mining projects with interesting data so you can invest


At Elqui Minerals, we are specialists in mining projects.

Integral Advice

At Elqui Minerals we provide comprehensive advice at each stage of the development of the exploitation projects

Geological Exploration

We are a geologically responsible company directing our efforts to comply with all the regulations of the Chilean mining code.
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10 Years of Experience

This allows us to acquire mining projects and prodigies of prosperous interest in freehold lands within the region. We have a geological information platform with 10 years of information.

Property Valuation

We value mining properties according to current market conditions.

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Elqui Minerals


We are a regional company that administers properties and mining projects in the Fourth Region of Chile.

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